About Alex

Originally from Cambridgeshire, Alex moved to Gloucestershire a few years ago and has been working in the hospitality industry from the tender age of 15. Originally hired as our Manager for The Cavern, Alex's background in hospitality was a huge help in opening a kitchen in The Cavern, serving freshly cooked food.

Previously, Alex has worked in Cambridgeshire, Guernsey, Cornwall, and Stroud; working in many different types of kitchens from cafes and pubs to restaurants and hotels, cooking a variety of foods. He has even worked for famous TV Chef, Rick Stein. When he isn't working he loves to watch and play rugby, play darts and loves baking cakes and cooking at home. He also has a second job working in security. 

Alex says: "I love working at Treasure Seekers, it's just like having a massive family. It's great meeting and working with people from all different backgrounds."

Contact Alex

[email protected]