We have been working with individuals with complex needs on a one to one basis to support the development of life skills. Our enablement programmes are bespoke to individuals and involve periods of intensive training, support and skill development. 

The Anchor is just one expression of how we believe that everyone has something valuable to contribute to community and our aim is to help individuals become 'the best versions of themselves'! 

Our Enablement programme, The Anchor, is built upon the lessons learned and best practices from its pilot predecessor, which successfully and significantly reduced high levels of inappropriate contact with services including the police force, ambulance service and A&E - instead, connecting them more appropriately. We believe that the appreciable cost savings made to the services, the taxpayer and the local community were far outweighed by the transformation in the quality and breadth of life experienced by our trainees [we refer to those on the programme as “Trainees”, rather than service users, clients or indeed any other title which might reinforce any prior negative experience of care or the expectation that the programme is something which is done to them rather than one which requires their participation and commitment]. The Anchor is designed to offer this enablement model to a greater number of individuals, creating potentially life-changing opportunities for those referred to the programme!

How do we do this? Our small team of trainers share each of the trainee’s bespoke journey of discovery. Together we explore opportunities for life change and equip and enable individuals to develop in their soft and social skills and grow positive social networks - it might be building confidence to leave the house, learning to dance or perform on stage!  We work with our trainees to enhance their lives that they might become the best possible version of themselves, by growing their sense of pride and well-being which, in turn, will positively impact upon their physical health, economic outcomes and mental and emotional well being. We value people above process and recognise that relationships based on trust, built through honesty, integrity, loving-kindness and a commitment to conflict resolution are imperative if we are to share the journey. We value each person’s gifts, passion and personality and, while each journey may be unique, the destination is the same - people being fully engaged and contributing members of their communities in their own distinctive way.

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