About Andy

Andy came to work with us in 2013, starting his role as Shop Manager. He came with a few years' experience working in a retail environment and a few years working as a Support Worker in a local care home. He began, in 2015, to work at our Youth Nights in The Cavern and now is one of the leads for our Youth Support Service. He heads up our youth listening service, Soul Talk.

When he's not in The Cavern, he works in the office on the top floor of our building at 52 Westgate Street, doing a wide range of administrative tasks. He helps the team set up new processes to keep things at Treasure Seekers running smoothly. He is also involved in helping to co-ordinate our Diabetes Prevention Programme, running assessments and group meetings to work with people to help improve their physical health.

For Christmas one year, Andy bought his sister and brother-in-law a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle with a picture of his face on for a laugh! It took two days to complete!

Contact Andy

[email protected]