This year, Kingfisher Treasure Seekers will be a SWEP (severe weather emergency protocol) provision - when severe cold weather conditions mean it is unsafe for anybody who is street homeless to spend the night outside.

Adult Support will be able to host up to 12 individuals who will be directed to us. We will be offering a place to stay during the evening from 11pm-8am for the homeless who are referred to us to spend the night in a safe and warm space.

We are kindly asking for donations of warm blankets, ear plugs, sleep masks and contributions to our pay-it-forward meal scheme to try to ensure a good night's rest and a warm meal for those who need it most at this time of year. 
Every little helps! Alternatively, a one off donation of £5, or whatever you can afford would help cover the costs of a hot meal (PIF), ear plugs and an eye mask.
Adult Support have been lucky enough to receive some amazing donations of provisions such as sleeping bags, roll mats, food, woolly hats, hot water bottles and more - if you know someone who is in need please suggest they visit Adult Support at the Cavern - we will endeavour to help as many people as we can.