About Bee

Bee joined our team at The Lighthouse in October 2021 as Deputy Manager. She loves helping people and making people happy. She is also a self confessed nerd and loves admin work!
Bee left school at 16 and went straight to work in a care home. Eventually circumstances led her to becoming a carer at home. Alongside this, Bee worked in a cafe and completed a degree with the Open University, part-time. Once she had finished her degree she applied for the job at The Lighthouse.
She loves animals and has a dog (who is 8 years old at the time of writing but still gets called a puppy!), 5 rats and 5 Giant African land snails. It is her dream to have a pigeon loft where she can take in injured pigeons and teach people all about what amazing birds they are.  

Contact Bee

[email protected]