About Brad

​Brad joined our team in early 2019 and he works as a Deputy Manager in The Cavern.

In his youth, Brad attended The Cavern with his friends and always loved it. When a job became available as part of our team in The Cavern, he applied eagerly and today he plays a vital role in keeping us a safe, credible, and fun community space. 

Born in Belfast, Brad considers himself a 'long lost Viking'. He loves interacting with people of all backgrounds. He finds it really energising, which makes him very well placed in the team at Treasure Seekers. He is also currently going through a training programme to become a counsellor so that he can help people in their times of need.
Brad has a keen interest in amateur dramatics and has taken part in such events in the past. He has a huge love for nature and has spent time in the past volunteering at Oak and Furrows Animal Shelter. He has also volunteered as part of a team working with young people on residential weeks over the summer.

Contact Brad

[email protected]