About Callum

Callum is a Supervisor for us down in The Cavern. His aim is to bring loads more music gigs and events down to The Cavern due to his passionate love for music. Callum has been involved with music for a few years now, but has been playing around with various instruments since he was a young lad. Coming off completing his first year, he is currently enrolled on a Music HND course, and is planning to finish his second year while working for us!

Callum not only wants to set up gigs with us, but he also loves performing, and he has performed at some big events before, performing at the likes of the Wychwood Festival in Cheltenham. So if you ever see a music event down The Cavern, you'll most likely see Callum on the set list!Callum's interests don't just stick with music though, as he is also very interested in gaming, sports, art, fashion and has many other interests!

Contact Callum

[email protected]