Chatterbox is an innovative and fun system which can be used to capture information in an engaging way. Chatterbox is a transportable, full photobooth complete with touchscreen monitor. The whole experience is fully customisable, from the software to the outside skins, making it suitable for almost any occasion. 

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Engaging Consultations - Chatterbox is able to get key information and data in a fun and relevant way. This makes it ideal to hear the views of those who more traditional methods struggle to engage. It can go to their physical location, to events and activities they would accessing anyway. It can gather information in a relevant way and can give something back in terms of photos and a positive experience.

Fully Accessible - Chatterbox is designed with full accessibility in mind. The 'bullet' shape of the booth and the height adjustable camera allow for wheelchair users to make full use of the booth. The survey software can speak out the questions and the booth will be manned by a member of the Chatterbox team at all times to offer support and assistance throughout the booking.

Creative Media - Chatterbox enables you to gather raw creative media easily and quickly. Using real props, digital props, digital backgrounds and frames the booth can do much of what is traditionally edited post-shoot, thus saving time and expense.

Video Editing and Graphic Design Options - Chatterbox can provide some amazing raw footage and data. We are able to provide a video editing service, putting your videos and data together in a slick video presentation or stills. This can be as simple or as complex as you need. We can even create reusable intros or outros for your videos. Our designers are also able to customise every aspect of Chatterbox including the outside skins, the look at the feel of the software, and any digital props, backgrounds, frames or physical props. 

Flexible Data Collection - Chatterbox is able to gather the data which suits your needs. We can gather both qualitative and quantitative data with ease. 

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Photos - Chatterbox can act as a standalone photobooth. Options include custom logos/watermarks or event frames. There is also a green screen option enabling almost any background to be used. This is a great option for fun events and for people to give views and opinions in creative ways using props and signs. 

Video - Chatterbox also records videos, which can include custom elements such as logos, frames and backgrounds (with green screen function). 

Survey - Utilising the inbuilt touchscreen, Chatterbox is loaded with survey software. Up to 10 questions can be programmed for the user to respond to. Questions can be spoken out by the software. You can choose what response input you would like from multiple choice, text entry on screen or video answers. 

MagicPhoto - Magic Photo is an exciting and unique offering. Users record up to 15 seconds of video. They select from a range of still images taken from that video and they receive a printed photograph. When viewed through an app on a smartphone the recorded video is played on the screen of the phone. Magic Photos can be used to create stunning 2D displays which come to life. 

Videoke - Chatterbox can also be used as a karaoke booth. Users sing along to pre-selected tracks and at the end of the event it automatically splices the gathered footage to create a montage video of the various users. 

Gifts - A variety of gifts can be made with the photos created by Chatterbox. Items such as keyrings, glitter photo blocks or even flip books could be offered as part of a fun event, or to encourage people to share their views. 

Social Media - With suitable WiFi connection, Chatterbox can allow people to post photos to their social media accounts, including hashtags of your event. The software can also search for that hashtag and download any photos taken through any other source using that hashtag giving you a wide range of media from a variety of sources.

If you have an event/project which you would like to use Chatterbox please use this enquiry form. For further  information, please get in touch by emailing [email protected]