About Dave

​Dave works part time as an enablement worker, in the bespoke, one-to-one Enablement programme. He also works part time in Support at The Cavern

He moved to Gloucester along with his wife Anna to be a part of Treasure Seekers and volunteered full time to help start the Cavern. This was because of their belief in Treasure Seekers values, vision and heart for putting people first. 
Dave has a great deal of patience and has a passion for enablement and encouraging people to be the best versions of themselves. He also trained as a professional musician in bass guitar, and has some moves in Salsa, Latin American and Ballroom dancing! 
Dave isn't afraid to make a fool of himself and can often be seen donning various costumes and performing at the Treasure Seekers Performing Arts shows in different capacities such as a well known TV fitness instructor Mr Motivator, outfit included. 

Contact Dave

[email protected]