About Emmy

Emmy has worked many different jobs over the years, enjoying all the different learning experiences and environments.
Her favourite job was when she volunteered at a summer camp every year. Emmy loves working with people and bringing her Canadian friendly nature everywhere they go.
Emmy's originally from Canada, she has been living in the UK for 3.5 years, and in Gloucester for almost a year before joining The Cavern team in August 2023.
She love everything creative, drawing, reading and writing take up most of her free time. Emmy also loves the outdoors, having done a lot of hiking and camping when she was back in Canada, and plan on doing lots of travelling.
She is currently a bank supervisor at the Cavern. She has wanted to work here since she first moved to Gloucester, and was over the moon when she got accepted. Emmy says that she loves the environment here, and the people are very lovely. She looks forward to getting to know everyone, so feel free to say hi when you see her!
Emmy is a very fun, free spirited person, always down for a pun or some dad jokes.

Contact Emmy

[email protected]