We are hosting our OTS store championship event!
Date - 19/11/22
Entry - £20.00 (includes four booster packs)
Registration opens - 9:30
First round - 11 am
This event is capped at 70 players, so get your tickets while they’re still available! Deck lists will be required. There will be four entry packs given, and boxes entered into the prize pool along with the OTS store champion mat!
There will be prizes for the top 8 players:
  • First place wins two boxes of the latest set
  • Second wins one and a half boxes
  • Third to fourth place will win one box each
  • Fifth and sixth will win half a box each
  • Seventh and Eighth will win six packs each

This prizing structure is subject to capacity being hit and has the potential to be scaled down accordingly!

We will also be running £8 win-a-box events alongside the OTS store championship event, so even if you end up dropping, you can continue playing!

Booking for this event has now closed.