About Franki

Franki started working in Support at The Cavern in August 2019, working three evenings a week. She also works for Restorative Gloucestershire three days a week as an RJ Administrator but is also a trained facilitator. She is also (at time of writing) doing a part-time Masters by research (due to finish in Sept 2021) being a Criminology graduate from University of Gloucestershire. Previously she has worked in catering, events, festivals, pubs and prisons.

For fun, Franki enjoys photography, stained glass, travelling and exploring. She likes to swim and go on country walks. Franki comes from a BIG family and she loves having so many siblings! She describes herself as "always the proud sister".

Franki says "I love working in Support as i really get to know people and be there for them when they need someone to chat to. It's a real privilege to be able to lend a supportive ear and help people really feel heard, or be someone's first conversation of the day! I love playing games and cheering people on (although I rarely win). I may have developed a Ludo addiction since starting at Treasure Seekers. I am grateful to be part of a kind and caring team, who are passionate about the people they work with."

Contact Franki

[email protected]