This is Jamie,

Jamie started volunteering with Treasure Seekers 3 years ago, and is a really important member of the Treasure Seekers community. If you join in with Treasure Seekers anywhere you will probably meet him!

Jamie first started working at the Treasure Seekers Discos in 2015. He helps with setting up, greeting people at the door and helping to create a friendly environment. Volunteering was a great way for him to meet lots of new people. Now he says that

“if I did not volunteer I would feel very bored and lonely”.

Now he loves helping to make drinks, setting up the tables and monitoring the car park as people come and go. He also works closely with managers to learn key personal and practical skills. When asked about his volunteering he describes working with the team as a real highlight:

“I also love learning from all the managers”.

Jamie wanted to grow from what he had been learning at the Discos and get new experiences that would help him develop towards life goals, as he explains in his own words:

“I have a goal I want to hit!”.

So when the Cavern opened in 2015, he jumped at the opportunity to get involved! Since then he has learnt barista skills, timekeeping and customer service.

Having made great progress in his time in the Cavern, he is now working towards becoming a team leader, so that he can keep watch over the coffee bar. Jamie loves to help other people and share what he has learnt, so this is a great goal for him in developing those skills further. 

Jamie has been using these skills and is volunteering at a variety of organisations and projects and we are so proud of all he is achieving.


This is just one of many stories of the impact Treasure Seekers makes in people's lives. There are many many more, but these are some from those who have been open to sharing their experiences online. If you want to help us impact more lives, your support would be most welcome!