About Javan

Javan joined our team in November 2020. His background is working with children and young people in the Gloucester area, which he has been doing for over ten years; working with ages 5-25 in a variety of different settings. He initially joined Treasure Seekers working in The Cavern as a Supervisor and a Support Worker in Support at The Cavern. Throughout lockdown he has had the privilege to work throughout the company in multiple roles and experience the various ways we help vulnerable people; covering in departments, The Lighthouse and the Anchor. Javan now focuses his job role in The Cavern alongside another job.

Javan says, "I think the culture and values of Treasure Seekers are amazing and the staff are all wonderful with such broad skills and areas of expertise. I'm impressed by the positive impact that Treasure Seekers is able to make on the community and the wide range of services and facilities to help some of the most vulnerable people."
Javan likes to learn new things and is picking up new hobbies all the time. He plays guitar and is very into all sorts of music. He likes to cook and bake; and is also into sports, mostly basketball.

Contact Javan

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