About Kara

Kara is part of our enablement team. She joined us in the summer of 2017. She has a background in personnel development established during her previous career in management within Financial Services and in the International Aid Industry, serving both here in the U.K and overseas.

Over the past few years she has coupled her development skills with front line experience in Mental Health supporting individuals in the management of crisis and in the re-building of life and relationship. This has included working independently with serving soldiers and forces veterans who experience PTSD. She considers it a great honour to have had the honour of walking with some extraordinary individuals during this time and bearing witness to their courage and faith as they have moved through chaos, including addiction, broken relationships, estranged families and at times homelessness; and have established new lives with a sense of purpose and growing fulfilment.
As part of the Enablement Team, this is something she hopes to continue.

Contact Kara

[email protected]