About Kasia

Originally from Poland, Kasia used to be a teacher. When she came to England she worked in care. Starting as a community carer, then later as a Support Worker for people with learning difficulties and mental illnesses. 

A few years ago Kasia attended a Personality Disorder conference where she heard Jan do a talk about Treasure Seekers, specifically the work of the Anchor Reablement Programme. She also heard from one of the trainees, who told of how Treasure Seekers helped her to drive her day to day life. Since that day in 2019, Kasia knew she wanted to work for us. Finally, in March 2021, Kasia landed a job working in the Anchor team as a Support Worker. 
When not at work, Kasia spends her time with my family and friends. She has five children (three of her own and two step kids). They all live with together and keep Kasia very busy!

Contact Kasia

[email protected]