About Kaylee

Kaylee volunteers a majority of her time with our maintenance team, alongside our Site Manager, helping to keep the place running in the background. In 2020, Kaylee came on board as a Bank Staff Member, assisting in other departments. During the COVID-19 pandemic Kaylee headed up our response through co-ordinating Food Bank for locals with the help of Gloucester City Homes.

Kaylee says: "I've spent most of life hiding from people but when I could not stand pretending to be ok any longer, I had to come out as the real me, as Kaylee.

Once that decision was made along with trusting my life to Jesus, things became easier and my burdens became lighter. I started to learn about Christianity and about myself. Once He led me to Kingfisher and Treasure Seekers, He has been using me to help others and through them to help me come to terms with who I am in the Lord.
I love to help people but I also realise that I need to take care of myself as I can do too much and then I can become distant and reclusive. I still like computer games and doing bits of research on Christianity and Islam and I love talking and listening to people."

Contact Kaylee

[email protected]