About Luke

With 20 years of gaming behind him, Luke thought it was finally time to combine his two loves of community betterment and games into one venture as the Games Co-ordinator in The Cavern. Playing everything from tabletop board games, most card games and roleplaying games, Luke has a strong desire to give everybody the chance to play games, no matter their walk of life. In the role of Games Co-Ordinator, Luke wants to give a chance for people who can't normally afford to play games or have never had the chance to learn to be welcomed in with open arms.
When Luke is not gaming he is actively seeking out ways to help out his neighbours with odd jobs, or is caring for his (at time of writing this) 10 pets. Luke is passionate about animal welfare and often helps to foster or take on animals from owners who cannot care for them any more.

Contact Luke

[email protected]