About Meely

Meely says, "I am so proud to be working for this incredible organisation."

Through The Cavern she wants to help the young people of Gloucester live their best and happiest lives. She believes everyone deserves a good quality of life, to have fun and to be loved. Through her own past she came to Treasure Seekers to help others. Meely deeply cares for those around her and believes that just being there to listen can do great things.  

Before coming to The Cavern Meely was in Sri Lanka painting murals across the country. Previously she worked for a small family company, selling handmade soap and candles in and around London. She’s looking forward to getting involved with the Discos and events we hold. Music is a huge part of her life, rock from all ages from the 50s/ 60s rock ‘n’ roll to modern day bands. 

Contact Meely

[email protected]