This is Myles: a keen artist, musician, Gift Shop volunteer and retail assistant at a local Supermarket.

Myles joined Treasure Seekers in the summer of 2016 alongside his college courses.

When he first started he worked hard with replenishing stock, cleaning and tidying and helping with product displays. Myles then worked on training objectives with the managers, developing confidence and attending a customer service workshop with Craig and Andy. His managers then helped him learn how to operate a till and serve customers.

Last Christmas Myles helped with a special event at the Shop, creating an art exhibition in Chuckaboos to attract customers to the shop; everyone was very impressed with his work and commented on how friendly and talented he is!

After several months of gaining work skills in Treasure Seekers Gift Shop, Myles successfully got a job in a local supermarket. He enjoys working there and often takes on extra hours to help out. His Gift Shop managers Nathanael and Jake are very proud of what he has achieved there!

Myles still works at Treasure Seekers, alongside his paid job, to perfect his talent for customer service and working on the till, to help support the work he is doing at in his paid job.

Myles is a very valued member of our team, and is known to always be at shop team socials to get to know other people, and often shares what he has learned with other volunteers in our staff training members.


This is just one of many stories of the impact Treasure Seekers makes in peoples lives. There are many many more, but these are some from those who have been open to sharing their experiences online. If you want to help us impact more lives, your support would be most welcome!