The Anchor programme is still running and thriving, despite the hardships of lockdown. We have still been taking new trainees on, and are keen to help them become integrated into society and community after the last year of social distancing and isolation. 

Something we really offer individuals is time; time to work through issues with them, time to teach them and train them, time to get them to the place they need to be in their life.  Whilst it has been harder helping trainees push towards their goals of friendship, community, and time filling this year, we are so looking forward to seeing how the easing of lockdown positively impacts the mental health of the people we work with. 

One of our trainees has had a rough couple of weeks mental health-wise, which has impacted on how much he has attended our programme. However, since this weekend he has gone five days without self harming/overdosing, and feels incredibly proud of himself. We see a turning point and are so excited to see people's mindsets change for the better!