Things are opening back up! This is great news for the Anchor, as a big part of what we want to do is to help trainees to engage in community activities and groups and to find their purpose by either volunteering or getting paid work - all things that ground to a halt during lockdown. We are so happy that we can point trainees towards local things that are actually open and running. 

We are also hiring new staff, due to the growing number of trainees that are joining or being referred to us. We love to have fun on the training programme, and love to chat with the trainees about all sorts of different topics, so we are hoping to recruit a trainer who is easy to chat with but is also good at listening! 

One of our trainees now has a job! They have moved forward so much on their journey over the last year and have now secured themselves a job, starting in September. It is such a privilege to see a trainee use their training as a springboard to living a healthy life, and we are so excited for them!