Support at the Cavern is going strong with many new sign ups. This is great that people are coming in for help but also means that there are more people needing help now more than ever. Homelessness, hunger, suicidal thoughts and various mental ill health issues are all increasing. Our use of emergency services while people are on site is also increasing. Although this all sounds very gloomy, Support at the Cavern is still seeing lots of people coping better and being very vocal about how much they appreciate that we are here for them. 

Support at The Cavern provides listening support, low level interventions such as board games and adult colouring, inclusive activities such as quiz nights and offers a supportive environment. Utilising The Cavern coffee shop and The Studio, there is a space suitable for everyone. We help people feel less isolated, cope with anxiety, meet new people and provide support at a time of day when little low level or early intervention support is available from the statutory services. Support at the Cavern is available every evening between 6pm and 11pm, 365 days a year!