The Anchor programme has been growing! We have a new member of staff as well as a new trainee on board. We are really hopeful that we can help this individual on their journey of growing in independence and finding purpose and community in their life. When an individual gets referred for the programme, it is really beneficial to know that they have a few goals that they would like to achieve. This gives our training a real sense of purpose and a direction from the beginning, and reinforces that they understand the programme’s focus on goal setting and goal achieving. Whilst we do understand that there are many individuals who struggle with a lack of motivation and direction in their life (and we would always make it our aim to motivate and inspire), having an idea of why they would like to be on the programme is a really helpful and healthy way to start their training journey. 

We have also finalised a discharging process, and are hopeful that the majority of people we take onto the programme can finish the programme with many more skills than they started with, much more confidence and can feel that they no longer have any need for the support of our programme! 

One individual currently on our programme has been working towards completing their HLTA (Higher Level Teaching Assistant) course and aims to be finished by June. They have gone from asking others to write for them, to having the confidence to do their coursework practically independently, to discussing how they think they will be ready for a job hopefully this year!