Update from the Anchor - February 2022

Goal Setting!
We are really making a big push at The Anchor to focus on goal setting, helping trainees to catch sight of the vision of what the programme is all about (which is life change and growth) and looking at breaking down goals into manageable chunks. We recognise that it is so easy to lose sight of the "bigger picture" in life and we try to remind the trainees about what they are wanting to achieve for themselves regularly.

We are still accepting referrals for people to join our programme. Our values that we promote and work towards are independence, motivation, community, purpose and relationships.

Anyone that we work with can be helped to grow in these areas of their life.

Seeing trainees who have struggled to leave their houses over lockdown gain confidence to come to the Cavern and play games is so exciting!

It is real life change and we feel privileged to have been a part of someone's change journey.