These last couple of months have been tough for many of the guys on our training programme - Mental Health has been hit hard due to Covid lockdown restrictions, bleak weather and lack of sunlight. However, we have still been able to work around these factors and have carried on supporting and training the trainees on our programme. Our programme provides a person-centred approach which looks at a person’s life as a whole and how they can become the best version of themselves in all aspects of their life. Whilst we haven’t been able to connect people to community and activities during lockdown, we have been able to help trainees grow in their independent living and social skills, which in turn we hope sees a positive impact on their mental health.  

We also made efforts to connect our trainees to our Support At The Cavern Service, which supports people via phone line (currently) from the hours of 6pm-11pm.

One of our newest trainees has been recently connected into our evening Support service. Since they have been using this, they have not only become a daily caller but have reported to us that the amount of crises they had been experiencing prior to this has dropped! This is so encouraging to hear and we have been celebrating this news.