The Lighthouse News - June 2022

May's Top Stories

Allotment Gardeners - Wednesday Sessions - 

It’s been a busy time of year at The Lighthouse Day Opportunities for our students who go to the allotment. Last month we planted sweet peas, runner beans, peppers, lettuce, sunflowers and more! Slowly they’ve been growing on the windowsill and our students have been preparing the allotment ground for planting. They will tend to the plants throughout the summer and hopefully we will have a big harvest this year!

Art - Friday Morning Sessions - 

We have many art projects throughout the month.

This month our creative students:

  • Molded, cut and carved clay into shapes they wanted to proudly display on their fridges at home,
  • Rolled paper strips into beads and threaded them onto a necklace,
  • Huffed, puffed, and blew the house down while making blow paint monsters, 
  • Poured paint to make colourful paint disks which would be cut down into decorative rulers! 
  • Cut, stuck, and melted crayons into beautiful pictures to display.

Cooking - Friday Morning Sessions- 

Our Lighthouse chefs this morning have been cooking up a storm. May saw them;

  • Practice their frying skills with bacon and cheese omelettes, 
  • Mix different foods with pasta to make pasta salad,
  • Work on reading instructions and our microwave skills with ready meals,
  • Mix and whisk yummy ham and cheese scrambled egg.
    SkillZONE on Tuesday the 24th of May.

Some of our students went to SkillZONE this week to learn how to keep safe in a variety of scenarios. Daniel even warned the staff there not to open the door with a fire behind it as he knew this would be dangerous. Don’t worry if you missed out this time- we are planning to go back very soon!

Becky is leaving us on June 13th for new things after being approved for housing outside of Gloucester. Well done Becky! All your friends at The Lighthouse are very proud of you and wish you good luck!

Learning Achievements in May

Our students are constantly working hard to meet goals they’ve set themselves.

Here are just a few of the notable things our students have achieved this month:

● As well as making her usual beautiful art, Alice joined in some games with the group,

● Becky continued to work really hard in preparation for her move,

● Daniel is working on learning some geography and discovered what a continent is,

● Finlay, our master bingo player, is getting even better at not swapping numbers around and identifying double digit numbers correctly.

● Marie achieved 85% on a spelling test!

● Nicholas Got 100% independently on karate cats (a fun online learning game for English)

● Shane has become more confident when making healthy choices

(Please note: Only students who gave consent to be included in the newsletter will be included in the learning achievements. Don’t see an achievement you’re proud of or want to change your decision to be included? Speak to Bee!)