This is Sarah! She is an amazing person we have had the privilege of working with, through our Enablement programme and Treasure Seekers Performing Arts 

Sarah Explained to us:

"My mental health affects me from the minute I get up in the morning, it is a struggle getting out of bed to using the shower or getting dressed"

"I find it difficult hearing voices, because it scares me and I don't know what is happening or what she is doing"

"Treasure Seekers has helped me in lots of ways" "Some days I volunteer helping look after pre-school children, I help with TSPA with learning disability adults. I throughly enjoy doing that, and I have found it difficult volunteering elsewhere but now I can do this and I really enjoy doing it"

"I have been doing the enablement programme for nearly two years, there are things that are helping me. There are things I couldn't do before which I can do now and that's a real improvement in my life. I have done a talk recently about my mental health and what has happened in my life, for social workers to hear"

From the people working with Sarah:

The biggest change that I have seen in Sarah since her enablement training is in using new skills in building relationships. Sarah has more ‘two sided’ conversations now rather than them centred on how she is doing/feeling and this is leading to some good, healthy, new friendships.

The other thing that I think has improved massively, is Sarah's ability to problem solve to help her achieve her goals. Things like shopping, driving to new places, cooking healthy food. These are all things that Sarah would just not have done without a carer with her when I first met her.

It has been amazing to see Sarah grow over the last two years, she never fails to amaze us all with her new achievements and has become a good friend to us all. I strongly believe that this has all been purely down to a combination of Sarah's strength and resilience and her Enablement training.

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