Supercharged.Me is a co-produced campaign to support adults and young people with learning disabilities to engage with having an annual health check. 

In 2018 Treasure Seekers conducted some research around annual health checks and discovered some interesting trends. 

We found a trend of those living independently were far less likely to have had an annual health check in the past 2 years and were less engaged in the consultation. Upon a deeper dive into this group, control was a major barrier. 

We formed a small coproduction group to gather ideas as to how to solve this issue. The group wanted to create something which didn't look like standard NHS/Local Authority materials. They didn't feel represented by usual marketing materials as they had less obvious physical disabilities and so wanted to represent inclusion through the use of non-human characters and they didn't want to use easy read. This group felt 'in between two worlds'; that of Learning Disabilities and mainstream community. 

Supercharged.Me is a campaign targeting this particular group. It consists of social media messaging, a website and print material all focused on taking control of your own life by looking after your health. In 2020 Supercharged.Me was shared regionally across the South West as with funding from Health Education England. 

There is only one question - have you been Supercharged by having your annual health check? 

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