The Harbour Reablement Programme

Based upon the same ethos and learning as our reablement service, The Anchor, The Harbour provides an opportunity for individuals who would better benefit from an enabling system that is not time-bound (in the way the Anchor is) and one that is more practically focused.

We recognise that some individuals require a level of ongoing support: the Harbour programme is tailored to provide an appropriate level of assistance, concurrently with training - to empower individuals - simultaneously ensuring they retain as much autonomy and independence as possible.

We work with people on the programme to enhance their lives so that they might become the best possible version of themselves, by growing their sense of pride and well-being which, in turn, will positively impact upon their:

  • physical health
  • economic outcomes 
  • mental and emotional well being  

We value people above process and recognise that relationships based on trust, built through honesty, integrity, loving-kindness and a commitment to conflict resolution are imperative if we are to share the journey. We value each person’s gifts, passion and personality and, while each journey may be unique, the destination is the same - people being fully engaged and contributing members of their communities in their own distinctive way.

For more information please contact [email protected].

Andy Collis is The Harbour Reablement Lead, and a direct point of contact for enquiries regarding referral or further questions.