About Us: Empowering Growth and Fun at The Lighthouse; people are empowered to build their independence.

Welcome to The Lighthouse, your centre for cultivating life skills, fostering growth, and having a blast while doing it! We're a dedicated day centre offering tailored support to adults with learning disabilities. Our mission? To make every learning step a joyful journey, full of discovery and achievement.

Our Approach: We seek to ensure that all our activities are fun, as well as educational. We nurture healthy relationships and build safe community.

At The Lighthouse, we believe in a holistic approach to learning. We've curated an environment where learning and developing essential life skills go hand in hand with having an absolute blast. Our expert team is here to provide patient guidance and encouragement, ensuring each student thrives at their own pace.

What Sets Us Apart: We believe all of us are unique and that uniqueness is celebrated. Everyone is deserving of the highest level of respect and dignity.

🌟 Personalised Progress: No two journeys are alike. We offer tailored, goal-oriented partnerships that honour individual strengths, learning styles, and aspirations, ensuring growth at a pace that feels just right.

We understand the importance of value for money, and that's why we're proud to offer both half-day and full-day sessions that deliver top-notch experiences without breaking the bank. Our rates are designed to offer you exceptional value, giving you access to a range of enriching activities that promote growth, social interaction, and skill building.

Our Offerings:

🌟 Half-day Sessions: Dive into a world of learning and laughter with our half-day sessions. Designed to fit your schedule, these sessions offer a perfect blend of skill-building and enjoyment.

🌟 Full-day Immersion: Take your experience to the next level with our full-day sessions. Immerse yourself in a day filled with diverse activities, social connections, and continuous growth.

Rates that Reflect Value:

We're excited to provide these value-packed sessions at rates that are as friendly to your wallet as they are to your growth journey. Our commitment to offering exceptional experiences at accessible prices sets us apart as your go-to choice.

Join us at The Lighthouse and embark on a journey of learning, development, and fun that offers unbeatable value every step of the way. Let's create brighter tomorrows together.

Contact us today to learn more about our rates and how we can be a part of your journey towards growth and empowerment. Your next adventure begins here.

Useful Contacts:

Kingfisher Treasure Seekers: Main Office: 01452 307201 // [email protected]

The Lighthouse Acting Manager: Andy Davis //[email protected]

The Lighthouse Deputy Manager: Colin Thompson //[email protected]

Need help with transport?

Community Connexions: 0345 680 5029 // [email protected] // www.communityconnexions.org.uk // Fares on application

There are a range of community transport options around Gloucestershire.

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