A Course for Parents of any child with an Additional Need for Support.  This Time Out For Parents course is developed by parents, for parents. It is suitable for parents of any child who does not respond as expected to traditional parenting methods, or who struggle to understand and manage their child's behaviour, or whose child becomes overwhelmed by their emotions or seems to find the world a confusing place. Absolutely no official ‘diagnosis’ is necessary, you don’t even have to know what might be causing your child to need extra help, just a willingness of parents to explore what might work better to support their child. The course gives practical, jargon free advice and practical steps for parents to engage and build relationships with their children with special needs. The course is a fantastic opportunity to also build relationships with other parents. There are six sessions, including: 

  1. Parenting children with special needs
  2. Self-esteem
  3. Coping with your feelings
  4. Understanding behaviour
  5. Managing behaviour
  6. Home and school issues and the wider family

Time Out For Parents: Children with Special Needs is run by our training team, led by Gill Parkinson.


The course runs at various points throughout the year although not in school holidays. Click here to view any upcoming parenting Courses. 


Kingfisher Treasure Seekers often hosts Time Out courses in one of our buildings, at either 52 Westgate Street or 118 Eastgate Street, in Gloucester. We are able to run courses at other locations, such as schools, upon request.


£30 for the course 


For more information call 01452 307201 or email [email protected]

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