Our staff are going to be running for 24 hours without stopping, to raise money for Treasure Seekers!!

Craig, Tristam, Jake, Kirsty, Kate, Jonny, Andrea are all taking part. They will take it in turn to run 9K laps, trying to get as many laps as they can as a team! Kirsty is also running a double marathon!!

We need your help to sponsor these Treasure Seekers Heroes on the Run!!

We are called Treasure Seekers, because we are seeking to bring the hidden treasure in peoples lives out for the whole community to see. We help over 2000 people every week to come in to community and get help in key areas of their lives: like mental health, healthy lifestyles, finding work and meeting new friends. 

We are a place where each one of these 2000 vulnerable people in Gloucester, will become the best versions of themselves!

We help adults with learning disabilities, people with mental health and complex needs, and young people.

Every single week, Treasure Seekers: 

- Helps prevent suicides 

- Helps people overcome loneliness

- Builds the confidence of vulnerable people

- Helps give people employment skills

- and much much more!

We are asking you to help fund the core running of our organisation. We are a small team of 30 staff, running 20 activities a week for 2000 vulnerable people! We do not have a big fancy head office somewhere or big executive salaries - every penny we make goes back into changing the lives of vulnerable people in our city. All the staff team running believe in this vision, and this is why they are giving up their free time and energy to spend all day and all night running for us!

Thank you for your help and wish us luck with our 24 hours of running!