Volunteering at Treasure Seekers:

I love volunteering at the Disco and the Cavern because of all the new friends I have made, I also love learning new skills from the manager”  Check out Jamie's story of volunteering with us, and learn more how volunteering can impact peoples lives!

We have over 100 volunteers in our Social Enterprise. Each one of them is unique and special to us, whilst also vital to the running of our organisation. Our volunteers make Treasure Seekers possible, and if you want to contribute to our vision, we would love for you to volunteer. We also have many people who volunteer with us to get new skills, meet new people, or because they want to get out 'out and about'. For every one of our volunteers, we are the place where they can become the best version of themselves!

We are proud to share that we won the Queen's Award for Voluntary Service in June 2017.


Volunteering To Grow in 'Soft Skills':

Do you want to grow in confidence, improve your social skills, or grow in another area of your life? Perhaps you want to get 'out and about' or do something meaningful with your time? If so: you could volunteer in one of these places: 

Volunteering to Meet New People:

Volunteering here is a great way to meet new people, be part of a team and develop personal skills. To do this, you could volunteer at: 

Volunteering to Contribute With Your Skills:

If you have a special skill (such as media, art, music, administration or anything else!) that you would like to offer to Treasure Seekers, that will help us empower the lives of vulnerable and disadvantaged adults please contact us below:

[email protected]

Volunteering to Give Something Back: 

If you love what we do and are passionate about empowering people to become the best versions of themselves, why not volunteer to help supervise an event or activity?

There are opportunities at most of our retail outlets, social activities, or courses to help with the smooth running of activities. Please contact us on the email below and specify which area you would like to help with:

[email protected]