Yu-Gi-Oh at the Cavern
The Cavern is Gloucester's Official Tournament Store!
Yu-Gi-Oh events run on Thursdays and Saturdays.
New and returning players are welcome. Demo decks are available if you would like to learn how to play!

Yu-Gi-Oh! events are run in the back room.
If you would like more information, feel free to contact us!
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Yu-Gi-Oh Open Duel
Thursdays at 7pm
Open duel is a casual environment to play with your friends or test out new strategies.
£3 entry for 1 OTS pack. £6 entry for 2 OTS packs
We also sometimes run side events, voted for by our community. Check our monthly event schedules for more info!

Yu-Gi-Oh Gloucester Locals

Saturdays at 2pm.
We run a weekly tournament on Saturdays.
£6 entry. Participants receive 1 OTS pack on entry with extra prizing for top places!
Advanced Format using the current Forbidden & Limited list:

For more information call 01452 307201 or email [email protected]
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