We are a values driven Community!

Everything we do at Treasure Seekers is based upon our 10 key values. We make decisions every day, working with many different people and organisations. These values are what guides us in such decisions, and also what makes our community what it is!

  • PEOPLE - We value people above process

  • RELATIONSHIP - We value relationships based on trust which is built through honesty, integrity, loving kindness and a commitment to conflict resolution

  • INCLUSIVITY – We value anybody of any age in any situation

  • UNIQUENESS – We value each person’s unique gifts, passion and personality

  • CONTRIBUTION – We value the contribution that each person makes or has the potential to make to their local community and wider social network

  • ONGOING DEVELOPMENT - We value each person’s ongoing development journey

  • ENVIRONMENT - We value creating inspiring environments, which promote ownership and encourage people to feel emotionally safe and value processes which promote effective safeguarding

  • VALUE BASED PARTNERSHIP – We value local and national value based partnerships to promote safer, healthier communities

  • STEWARDSHIP – We value responsible management of finances, putting the delivery of services as our absolute priority

  • SUSTAINABILITY - We value sustainability for the long term

If you share our values why not get involved: