We believe every single person is unique, talented, and has something special to bring to community. People cannot be boxed up; each of us needs to tend to our physical health, mental health, our social life, and training opportunities.

We specialise in helping those considered ‘the hardest to reach’ grow and become part of community. For some people, there are extra barriers in their way to becoming the best versions of themselves. Our skill is in engaging these people: those who have little trust for other services, or find them inaccessible. We then help people go on a journey from being outside of community, and key services to coming into the centre of community, addressing their needs, and seeing their full potential released.

This includes, but is not confined to:

  • Adults with Learning Disabilities
  • People with Mental Health Challenges
  • People with complex needs (such as personality disorders)
  • Young People (14 -25 years old)

But our community is truly inclusive! If you visit Treasure Seekers you will see everyone enjoying community life together. True community brings everyone together from many backgrounds, into a safe and mutually supportive environment.

Are you passionate about working with the people in our community? Do you have a passion for engaging with young people for example?