Unfortunately Support at the Cavern is seeing a huge rise in people coming in as homeless and/or hungry. We are able to signpost people to Gloucester Feed the Hungry and other agencies for food during the week and to Gloucester City Mission for warm clothes and sleeping bags but it is not enough. Many of the homeless are struggling with mental health and addiction issues which means that because of their behaviours, they have had to leave their accommodations and are placed on a 'do not house' list which means there is little we can do to help. 

On a brighter note, we have had many new sign ups in the last month which means more people are accessing Support at the Cavern and more people are becoming 'regulars' which is amazing to see. Having a safe place that makes you feel part of your community can be a lifeline for people and we are very excited that more people are finding this in Support at the Cavern!

We are open 365 days a year from 6pm-11pm just behind the Cavern at 56 Westgate Street. If you would like any further information, please feel free to contact Pam Evans at [email protected]

It is approaching the winter months and the Anchor has accepted another few people onto the training programme. We have also said goodbye to some trainees who have completed their journey with us and are now putting into practice what they have learnt during their time at the Anchor. 

We work with people for approximately a year, building a relationship and helping them to figure out how to achieve their goals (often this involves taking very broad goals and helping people break them down into manageable, realistic chunks!) 

We work with adults with complex mental health needs so are aware that sometimes there are dips in motivation to engage with our programme and their future - however we work hard to help remind our trainees that they have the power to move their lives forward and that this takes effort and commitment, but is so worth it for them in the end.

A trainee has recently finished on our training programme with many more skills and a lot more confidence in knowing how to deal with relationships in their life. It is great to see somebody have tangible examples of how the Anchor programme has affected their life!

We are approximately two to three months into this service now. Our last addition to the team starts in November and we have also have a new Lead too. The first few young people we interacted with were the ones that were already attending adult Support and recently we have started to get a few new sign ups to Youth Support, including individuals who have been recommended by their GP to visit us! 

Its been great to start building relationships and supporting young people with some really challenging themes, particularly around sexuality and gender, as well as dealing with big diagnoses such as Personality Disorder and the impact that has on family life. There are several conversations happening every evening, and it's great getting to know more young people and being able to support them.  

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