Building community together is the beating heart of Treasure Seekers. To be a place where people become the best versions of themselves is to be a place where everything is done in the context of community.

As you will see in our model, we provide many different ways for people to get involved in the community. We know that for many people trust is the biggest barrier. For that reason, we are an open space that people can choose to come and go from. The Cavern is open until 11pm every evening as a safe space that anyone can come and spend time in.  Treasure Seekers is open every day: you do not need a referral to come, and no one is excluded. We welcome everyone!

We are also passionate about the role that social activities can play in improving an individual's overall health and wellbeing. So we also run a wide range of social activities through the week. This includes weekly events like Discos, Performing Arts group, and much more!

Some of our Social Activities are specifically for Adults with learning disabilities (which you can find here).

But we also run activities for all, because inclusive community brings people together from all backgrounds.

To see everything we do towards Building Community, click here.