About Maciek

Maciek is our Deputy Manager in The Cavern. Maciek spent his youth in the hospitality industry, managing busy environments and maintaining welcoming atmospheres. Maciek really enjoys being around people, making friends, and making people laugh!

Maciek came to Gloucester over a decade ago, and trained as a rock climbing instructor. He worked with a lot of young people and some very vulnerable and disadvantaged individuals, helping to support them in to a better future. This is what led him to Treasure Seekers and in to The Cavern. Maciek works hard managing the volunteer team in The Cavern as well as helping with the daily running of the coffee bar and providing a listening ear for the diverse people coming through the doors and supporting them on the way to becoming the best versions of themselves.

Maciek is a rock climber and mountaineer, an outdoor person. He plays badminton in local clubs working his way through championships. He also collects coins, especially British and those from all British settlements. He also has very big collection of key rings!

Contact Maciek

[email protected]