Christmas can be a challenging time for some of our trainees: some find the build up stressful and triggering, and others look forward to a bit of time off. The Anchor Team continued to work during Christmas week with those who didn’t want any time off. Some preferred to continue with their individual sessions,  but others enjoyed some more relaxing and sociable group activities. We ran three social sessions for those trainees: a games afternoon; a craft session; and a lunchtime when we worked together to cook pizza from scratch in the Wiggly Worm Kitchen. It was a good opportunity for these trainees to socialise with people they hadn’t met before, and to have fun working and playing together.

It is a great encouragement to the team that one of our trainees has got onto a fork lift truck training course, and has been successfully attending it this month. The trainers have been working hard with this person to overcome  the barriers to doing it - for example overcoming anxiety about travelling there, and facilitating meetings with the course staff so they could ask questions about the course. The Anchor is really proud of this person for the way they have worked so hard at this and attended the course.