Treasure Seekers is helping deliver Glos Talks - a new county wide campaign to address stigma around mental health.

We have partnered with Gloucestershire Tackling Stigma Steering Group, Suicide Prevention and Gloucestershire County Council. Glos Talks is spreading a simple message: it is ok to talk about mental health! Every time you share your mental health story, you are helping to fight stigma.

We launched Glos Talks at the Better Care Together event, with the 2gether trust and Gloucestershire Care Services launch. 

Our Marketing and Fundraising Manager, Nathanael is the Project Lead and main point of contact for the Glos Talks 'movement'. This is part of what he shared at the launch:

Sadly, suicide prevention statistics will show that there are still people and certain communities in Gloucestershire where people feel unable to talk openly about Mental Health or face unhelpful stereotypes, or other forms of stigma, when they do. 

I am not a mental health professional, but I am pretty sure none of them have ever said: ‘What really helps with mental health is if you bottle it up and don’t tell anyone about it!’ 

So Glos Talks is a campaign with a very simple message: everytime you talk openly about mental health you are fighting stigma. We need to take this message to every part of Gloucestershire, and especially to communities who are most at risk of suicide.

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