Support at The Cavern continues to support many vulnerable adults each evening by phone and by web chat. We continue to have new people signing up for the service, some being referred to us by other organisations.

As April is nearly upon us, we are starting to look towards our proposed start back date for face-to-face support. We're working towards this happening in May and we are all very excited about seeing some of our regulars and meeting some of the new people that have signed up during this last lockdown.

We're also looking forward to returning to our old venue which has had an amazing facelift during this latest lockdown. It is now such a beautiful space and we know that the guys that come along each evening are going to love it!
In addition, we are in the process of recruiting new staff which is also really exciting. It will be great having more people available to provide a listening ear to those struggling with their mental health, especially at the backend of what has been such a tricky year for so many.