We are in a really exciting time for the Anchor Programme! With lockdown restrictions easing more and more each month, we can finally help trainees to get back into COMMUNITY - one of the 5 main parts of life our training focuses on (we focus on growing independence, motivation, community, purpose and relationships). We have already seen trainees getting back to voluntary work they previously had to give up, start applying for jobs, and looking at getting back to gyms and social clubs. 

We are also working on a promo video for the Anchor! This is to help referrals/pre-referrals to understand what the Anchor is, to feel more comfortable with the location and people involved, and to hopefully recognise whether the programme is something they think could benefit them. We have a promo video aimed at professionals, which can be found here - if you think you may know somebody who might benefit from our programme and fits the criteria, please email us at [email protected].

An individual who came to us from Wotton Lawn earlier this year had been self harming, attempting suicide and calling A&E/111/The Crisis Team daily at the time of starting our programme. They also were adamant they needed to be in supported living. Since joining the programme three months ago, they have stopped calling these services, haven't self harmed or attempted suicide for over a month and are now volunteering their time at a charity shop, as well as using more healthy coping mechanisms to manage any negative feelings!