The Anchor News - May 2022

The Anchor team is growing and have got some great trainers on the team! 

We have capacity to take on more trainees, and are looking at linking up with other services who work with similar people like us. We work with adults (18+) who have Complex Emotional Needs, people who have potentially tried other services and avenues and found that they have not helped.

We build relationships and really get to know a person, as often that reveals what they really want to get out of life and we are able to be in a position of trust with this person and therefore may be able to work on goals more easily with them.

We want to help the person remove or work around whatever barriers they currently face so they can reach their full potential!

Please get in contact if you feel that you are able to/want to refer someone to The Anchor, and to learn more about the referral process.