It has been a busy few weeks on the phone lines and we have continued to have new sign ups. Some have been referred from elsewhere and some are people who have called after seeing a social media post. It is a really brave thing to do to reach out and call somebody you have never met before to say that you think you might need some support. Each call is a reminder of why we do what we do! Not everyone wants to sign up to the service but may just want to offload about the current situation that they are in, and that, with an assurance that we will be here should they need us again, is enough at this time for them.

We have some staff changes ahead too. Our Acting Support Lead has stepped down from the role but continues to work within the service. The post was advertised and some exciting candidates came forward and we are pleased to say that we have found someone who we feel is perfect for the role and who brings a wealth of experience too!